Raw Hemp Cookie

Raw Hemp Cookies printable pdf

½ cup of Almond Butter (creamy or chunky)
½ cup of Coconut Butter (Cocnonut Manna)
1 cup or more of Raw Hemp Hearts
1 teaspoon of Vanilla Flavoring (optional)
pinch of Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt (optional)
1) Measure Almond Butter and Coconut Butter and place in a bowl. If Coconut Butter is hard, place jar in
the microwave for 15 seconds to soften. Stir Coconut Butter thoroughly before measuring as it usually
2) Mix Almond Butter and Coconut Butter together.
3) Add optional ingredients if used.
4) Measure out 1 cup of Hemp Hearts and add to the mixture. Stir until fully mixed. Continue adding more
Hemp Hearts until hard to stir and the spoon stands upright in the mixture.
5) Using a teaspoon, drop quarter size portions on a surface lined with wax paper or parchment paper.
Refrigerate cookies. Use refrigerated cookies within 3 days. Freeze excess amount if any.
Notes: ​You can substitute other nut butters but Almond Butter is the best choice as almonds contain
Magnesium, a mineral often lacking in a skunk’s diet. Do not substitute Peanut Butter. Peanuts are not nuts,
they are legumes. Peanuts are high in phosphorus which will contribute to an unbalanced mineral ratio that
contributes to MBD, Metabolic Bone Disease, in skunks. Hemp hearts were chosen for their magnesium
content and the nutty taste appeals to skunks. Coconut Butter is not the same as Coconut Oil, do not
substitute Coconut Oil.
You can adapt this recipe to add or hide supplements or medications the skunk is on. If it is something small
like the contents of a capsule or crushed pill, remove the cookie from the refrigerator and allow to sit for 10
minutes. Add the supplement of medicine, roll into a ball to incorporate what you are adding and flatten, and
refrigerate for at least 5 minutes.
You can also adapt to include DE, food grade Diatomaceous Earth. Make recipe above and count the number
of quarter sized portions. One cookie is a portion for an adult skunk. A portion of DE is ½ teaspoon to 1
teaspoon, depending on the skunk’s size. The next time, add an amount of DE to reach the portion for the
number of cookies made before adding Hemp Hearts. Adding DE will reduce the amount of Hemp Hearts
needed. I get about about 45 cookies using the recipe above.
If you are giving supportive care for a skunk not eating on their own, you can substitute Whey Powder instead
of DE to make a meal substitution. 1 teaspoon of Whey Powder is a portion for a skunk.